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Colorado’s Deion Sanders fires back at Colorado State coach: ‘They messed around and made it [personal]’


It didn’t take long for Colorado State coach Jay Norvell’s shot at Deion Sanders to reach the Colorado football program. In a video posted to YouTube by his son, Deion Sanders Jr., “Coach Prime” took time during the Buffaloes’ Thursday practice to address Norvell’s comments.”I’m minding my own business watching some film, trying to get ready, trying to get out here to be the best coach I can be, and I look and read some bull junk today that is said today about us,” Sanders said. “Once again. Why would you want to talk about us when we don’t talk about nobody? All we do is come out here, work our butts off and do our job Saturday. But when they give us ammunition, they made it what? [Players respond ‘Personal.’]  It was just going to be a good game. They messed around and made it … [players respond ‘Personal.’]”
Sanders went even further during an appearance on the “Buffs Primetime Radio Show.” “I’m a grown man, you telling me what I’m supposed to wear, what I’m not supposed to wear. Please.” Sanders said. 

Colorado’s players and coaches haven’t been shy about using comments directed towards their program as fuel. Last week, Buffaloes quarterback Shedeur Sanders took aim at Nebraska coach Matt Rhule for criticizing Deion Sanders’ roster building philosophy. Colorado defensive back Shilo Sanders joined ESPN’s “Pat McAfee Show” and discussed Norvell’s comments. “We was actually just talking about that,” Sanders said. “Some of the receivers and my dad (Deion) was over there and I overheard them talking about that and I was like, ‘What did he say?’ and they told me. Bro, why do they do this to themselves every week? Coach Prime’s a cool guy. Like, you don’t have to be like that.” 

Saturday marks Colorado and Colorado State’s first meeting since 2019. Colorado has won each of the last five games in the series by at least 14 points. 



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