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UFO report livestream: Nasa announces findings of long-awaited UAP study – BBC News

Next, a question from
our very own Sam Cabral, who asks the panel whether Nasa’s been in touch with
Mexican authorities after alleged remains of “non-humans” were
presented to Congress earlier this week.A self-proclaimed UFO expert, Jaimie Maussan, brought two ancient “non-human” alien corpses to a congressional hearing – he said the bodies were found in Cusco, Peru, in 2017 and claimed that radiocarbon testing dated the corpses to be up to 1,800 years old.More than 30% of the specimens’ DNA was “unknown” according to testing by the National Autonomous University of Mexico, which is proof, Maussan said, that they are “not part of our terrestrial evolution”. Spergel answers, saying he’d seen the story on Twitter. His recommendation to the Mexican authorities? “Make samples
available to the world scientific community and we’ll see what’s there.”Evans chimes in. The purpose of the team’s work is to guide
“conjecture and conspiracy towards science and sanity”, he says.
Evans says the secret to that is the use of data.Getty ImagesCopyright: Getty ImagesGetty ImagesCopyright: Getty Images



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